This achievement resulted from its suitable strategies for long-term development. During the season, the team always prepared a good force, seized opportunities, and performed well for each mach.

Before the season started, Viettel coach Truong Viet Hoang set a target of entering the top five since his club placed six and conceded 40 goals in the previous season.

But in the middle of the season, it saw more chance to get a higher position so the club quickly regulated its target, consolidated its force, and changed its way of playing. As a result, Viettel claimed the top spot at the start of the second V-League 1 leg, retaining its position on 41 points, two more than its runner-up Hanoi FC.

Viettel FC ends Hanoi FC’s domination of the league

This has been the club’s first domestic championship since its name changed from The Cong to Viettel FC in 2007. Coach Truong Viet Hoang, who missed out on the title when coaching Hai Phong FC in 2016, has become the fifth person in the Vietnamese football history to win V. League titles as both player and coach.

The current development path of Viettel FC is alike to the development history of its predecessor The Cong FC. 

Viettel Club’s players have inherited the spirit and resolve of their predecessors of the former military football club of The Cong. They also have the good qualities of the soldier such as strong determination, discipline, and solidarity.

Today’s generation of the military football club also includes excellent foreign players, who contributed significantly to the club’s championship.

As the club has set its targets for other titles in both domestic and international playgrounds in the coming time, Viettel’s players have to train hard and improve themselves. Among the tournaments that Viettel FC will play in the next season, the AFC Champions League will surely be the toughest. Hopefully, the pressures from its rivals in the next V-League 1 and the AFC Champions League will become a motivation for the team to try and train harder so that it can be a strong team in the time to come.

Translated by Trung Thanh