Its successor is the military press publisher, which was founded in 1997. Since the center merged into Viettel, Viettel Post has developed restlessly and now become a leading post service provider in the country.

In the first nine months of 2019, thanks to the extensive post office network, its continued technology investments and the growth of e-commerce, Viettel Post's service revenue increased by 52% over the same period last year. According to the forecast of Ban Viet Securities Company, Viettel Post’s earnings and after-tax profits will grow by 37% and 31% respectively in the period of 2019-2022.

A Viettel Post staff at work

To reach that growth rate, Viettel Post has planned to offer competitive prices and better its services as well as build up customers’ trust. With the view that customers are the biggest asset of the business, Viettel Post pursues a business philosophy “kindness in business.” Explaining the business philosophy, General Director of Viettel Post, Captain Tran Trung Hung, shared, "This philosophy consists of three components: Kind thinking in business, good products and services, and kind employees." he also emphasized, “We consider business discipline as one of the business philosophies. Clients of Viettel Post are its own supervisors as they will impartially and effectively evaluate the quality of the company’s services and products as well as the quality of the service of our workers. We also have the internal inspection system; in other words, we have inspection teams that check our clients for the attitude and service of our workers. Currently, we still maintain the two inspection systems while using technology as a supporting tool to monitor the entire management and service processes.”

In fact, all officials and workers of Viettel Post have imbued that business philosophy. To meet an increasing need of customers for postal services, officials and workers of Viettel Post have left their footprints on all roads across the country.

In spite of weather, Lo Van Long and his five officers are present at 7:30 at Muong Nhe Post Office (Muong Nhe District, Dien Bien Province). Working in a remote area, their postal delivery work requires them to move 60-100km per day. The delivery is seemingly simple, but it is much more difficult when the roads to villages are rocky, and many places have neither landline nor mobile communication systems. Regarding their work, Long laughed, saying, “It is our duty and responsibility, so we must finish somehow. If we work through the lunch time, we'll finish our work at 6p.m.; otherwise, we will not leave the post office till 8p.m.” Over the past 3 years, thanks to the application of technologies to the work, postmen’s workload has significantly been reduced.

As a military enterprise, Viettel Post upholds the traditional self-reliance and resourcefulness of soldiers, officers, and workers. The company has, therefore, set a goal of shifting to a technology company in the postal industry.

At Viettel Post, information technology is a comprehensive support tool for its business and services as well as for its management and administration. Viettel Post’s technological application to delivery services is one of the two technological pillars developed by its own. Thanks to the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and Big Data into the application, the order processing cycle has decreased from 240 seconds to 8 seconds. Viettel Post has won the "Breakthrough Technology" Award at the Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards Ceremony in 2019 with the appreciation of international experts.

The second pillar of Viettel Post's technology transformation is its success in operating the first automatic mail-sorting conveyor belt with a capacity of 8,000 items per hour, which has been upgraded to a pace of 36,000 items per hour.

To catch up with fast development of digital technology in the world, Viettel Post has built an ecosystem based on modern technological platforms, and is gradually becoming the No.1 enterprise in the postal industry. Specifically, Viettel Post launched a ride-hailing app. MyGo and e-commerce platform in mid-2019. Mr. Tran Trung Hung said, "If the postal service is considered the backbone of Viettel Post's ecosystem, serves as its blood vessel facilitating the flow of goods, and MyGo is like limbs helping speed up delivery. And Viettel Post's strategy is: Focusing on benefits of its customers.

During 22 years of establishment and development, Viettel Post used to face a repeated question of whether or not it should keep operating. But this challenge was also the pressure for Viettel Post to break its own limits and find new directions for its business. Its great efforts over the past years have brought about big fruits today. Viettel Post with a nationwide network is now a trusted brand and brings sustainable values to its customers and society as a whole.

Translated by Thu Nguyen