Although the conception and philosophy of open education are still studied by education researchers so that they can come to a common conclusion on the type of education, in the reality, open education activities have been in place and developing in Vietnam for years now.

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At the secondary education level, the website run by the Military Industry-Telecoms Group Viettel and the Ministry of Education and Training kicked off in 2014 has created an open education environment for the teaching and education management staff, researchers, parents and students to share, discuss and propose initiatives in teaching, learning, management, assessment, and more. Various classes on the radio and television have also made it convenient for learners of all ages to take in more knowledge. Apart from that, open learning resources are also helping people with their learning.

Those online training courses, classes, schools, resources, etc. are part of open education activities. This type of education has brought about benefits, flexibly meeting the learning demand of learners regardless of time and locations. Not only convenient, the type of education is also easy for learners to get access to, with low fees or even free of charge. According to Prof., Dr. Dang Ung Van, President of Hoa Binh University, those massive open online courses (MOOC) enable hundreds, or even thousands of students to enroll in a particular course at the same time, which is impossible for traditional education establishments. At present, the number of education establishments in the world that offer MOOC is increasing rapidly, contributing significantly to the development of the education sector in developing countries.

In the digital age with the advent of Industry 4.0, the fast development and advances in information technology bring a lot of opportunities for Vietnam to develop its open education, especially online teaching, construction of e-learning resources on the basis of traditional education programs. As an industry-telecoms group active in providing online solutions in various fields, Viettel is making significant contribution to developing open education in the context of Industry 4.0

Translated by Huu Duong