The tennis content in the 32nd SEA Games will officially kick off on May 10. The final match and awarding ceremony will take place on May 17. Tennis at the games has seven events, namely men's singles, women's singles, men's doubles, women's doubles, mixed doubles, men's team, and women's team.

According to Major Truong Quoc Bao, Head Coach and Deputy Director of National Defense Sports Center 2, tennis star Ly Hoang Nam, who ranked 264th in the ATP world ranking and claimed top position in Southeast Asia, continues to be the hope of Vietnamese tennis at SEA Games 32.

Coach Truong Quoc Bao in group photos with Vietnamese tennis players at SEA Games 32

Before the games, the players of the Vietnamese tennis team participated in the National Team Tournament to meet the requirements of the 32nd SEA Games. At the event, all of them showed their skills and competence well.

Besides, this SEA Games marked the return of former head coach of the national team Truong Quoc Bao, who will lead the women’s team and 3/4 female tennis players, including three female military players, namely Si Boi Ngoc, Phan Diem Quynh, and Huynh Tran Ngoc Nhi. Particularly, Savanna Ly Nguyen and Si Boi Ngoc have been the national champions of both women's singles and doubles for many years in Vietnamese tennis.

Ly Hoang Nam and Nguyen Van Phuong remain the two male stars of the Vietnamese tennis team. They are expected to contribute to strengthening the power of the whole men's team.

In the race for men's team gold medal, the Vietnamese male players will face Thai and Indonesian teams. Meanwhile, the Vietnamese women's team will compete with rivals from these two countries. 

With the careful preparation and the ceaseless efforts of the players, the tennis team is hoped to shine and obtain fruitful achievements at SEA Games 32.

Translated by Cong Nguyen