An image of President Ho Chi Minh in the movie

The film was made by directors Nguyen Thu Ha and Vu Thi Thu Trang, and screenwriters Nguyen Thu Ha and Khuong Quynh Lien.

With a length of over 29 minutes, the film reproduces significant milestones featuring President Ho Chi Minh’s thought about peace in the international and national context.

After being enlightened by Marxism- Leninism, Nguyen Ai Quoc (aka Ho Chi Minh) found the right path to liberation of the nation and established the Democratic Republic of Vietnam – the first democratic state in Southeast Asia. The “Declaration of Independence” read by President Ho Chi Minh at Ba Dinh Square was a proclamation of peace, opening up the Ho Chi Minh era.

The poster of the film “Ho Chi Minh - A journey to create a culture of peace” 

Accordingly, the film mentions President Ho Chi Minh’s journey to create a culture of peace for the country and the era via the analyses and views of international and national experts.

Also, the documentary provides foreign and domestic audiences with a better understanding of the life and revolutionary career of President Ho Chi Minh and his great contribution to the building and development of new Vietnamese culture.

In addition, the film combines precious documents on President Ho Chi Minh archived at the Vietnam Film Institute with interviews with well-known historical and cultural experts in Vietnam and France, including Ambassador Vu Duong Huan, Daniel Héméry, and Pierre Brocheux.

Vietnam Television (VTV) was the first unit to register to broadcast the documentary on VTV1 channel at 20:30 on May 17, 2022.

Translated by Quynh Oanh