As one of the largest festivals of the San Chay group, “Le hoi cau mua” is organised before or after Lunar New Year (Tet) festival.

Some days before the festival, the San Chay people prepare a tray of offerings, which include pork, chicken, eggs, fruits, and traditional cakes. One of the indispensible objects for the worshipping ritual are 28 paintings of ancient patterns.

San Chay ethnic minority people practising the bumper-crop praying ceremony

After a round of earthen drum beats, the head of the ritual ceremony conducts the rite, praying for good weather, bumper crop and prosperity all the year round.

Following is Tac xinh dance for young people to replicates movements in labour and production with a background of simple bamboo and earthen musical instruments.

At the event, two tea villages of Cum Khe Coc in Tan Thai hamlet, Tuc Tranh commune, and Trung Thanh 2 hamlet, Vo Tranh commune, were honoured as outstanding craft villages.

Source: VNA