Talking to the Vietnam News Agency's correspondents in Japan on Vietnam’s culture, the professor on sociolinguistics said he was impressed when Vietnamese people value the interpersonal relationship and place it above all others.

Prof. Junichi Iwatsuki at the University of Tokyo

Iwatsuki recalled the time when he studied in Vietnam, his host treated him like a family member, thereby helping him deeply understand the Vietnamese lifestyle and culture.

The professor also cited a speech by Vietnamese Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong at the 2022 National Cultural Conference as saying that the focus of cultural development is the development of human beings with dignity and the development of a healthy cultural environment.

According to the scholar, the good news is that Vietnam is currently achieving economic growth and transforming into a society where people can live a life with well-being. In this trend, he stressed the need to think about how to achieve a balance between economic growth and social harmony.

Iwatsuki affirmed that the cultural exchange between Japan and Vietnam has a relationship with the culture of the Vietnamese people, that is awareness of morality.

Source: VNA