Co-hosted by the municipal Department of Foreign Affairs, the Institute of Cultural Exchange with France (IDECAF), the Ho Chi Minh City Food & Beverage Association (FBA) and the SPC, the event drew leaders and staff of representative agencies from the U.K., Australia, Belarus, Cambodia, Hungary, Indonesia, New Zealand, Japan, China and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) who cooked beef, lamb and vegan 'pho'.

Staff of the U.K. Consulate General at the event

Deputy Director of the municipal Department of Foreign Affairs Pham Tran Thanh Thao said the exchange activity, in response to Vietnam's Day of Pho on December 12, enables diplomats and their families to explore and spread the essence of Vietnamese culinary culture, and the secrets of making delicious 'pho' to the international community.

After completing the class, the agencies received certificates and joined in a gathering to enjoy the noodle soup. They also had the opportunity to visit a display of photos and taste complimentary servings of various dishes at the event.

Source: VNA