The merger aims to improve the value and influence of the Lo Go-Xa Mat national park in bio-diversity protection, natural resource development and promotion of national special cultural-historic relic sites in the locality.

The southern province of Tay Ninh is  planning to merge Chang Riec cultural-historic forest with Lo Go-Xa Mat national park. (Photo:

Along with facilitating management and restructuring of the forestry sector and focusing resources for the sustainable development of Lo Go-Xa Mat national park, the move also aims to help improve livelihood for rural and border communities.

Lo Go-Xa Mat park has a total area of 19,210 hectares, spanning over Tan Binh, Hoa Hiep, Than Tay and Thanh Binh communes in Tan Bien district. Meanwhile, the 10,812- hectare Chang Riec cultural-historic forest lies in Tan Lap and Thanh Bac communes in the same district.

In the past, Chang Riec forest was a resistance base, home to the headquarters of several high-level agencies of the Communist Party of Vietnam, the National Front for the Liberation of South Vietnam and the Provisional Revolutionary Government of the Republic of South Vietnam during the war against the US.

The merger is expected to promote the preservation and restoration of the local national special relic sites.

Source: VNA