Sparkling views inside the Sun World Fansipan Legend tourism complex at night, would leave a unique and memorable impression and experiences to all visitors. The tourists can buy tickets to cross Muong Hoa Valley by train, witness Sa Pa town at night, and then enjoy diversified dishes in Tay Bac market or Hai Cang (Port) Restaurant near the cable car station.

A view over Muong Hoa Valley

Mount Fansipan is famous because it is the highest mountain peak of the country at 3,143m above sea level. It is truly a challenge for any climbers who want to conquer its height.

Visitors, however, now can reach to the peak easily at any time of the year thanks to the cable car system of the Sun World Fansipan Legend.

Inside the resort complex, tourists might immerse themselves into the Northwestern mountainous cultural space with various folk games and traditional cuisine.

Apart from that, the Fansipan skyline festival, which last from January to March in lunar calendar every year, lures many Buddhists. Along the stone-paved way to the peak, guests can see a range of religious constructions.

In summer, tourists can enjoy colorful fields with water-rail flowers when travelling by the aerial cable car system. And in autumn, visitors may see a giant golden carpet created by rice fields underneath their cars. While in winter, the departure station of Fansipan is surrounded by buckwheat flowers.

In addition to natural scenic sites, Sa Pa is home to many ethnic minority groups with various traditional festivals and unique cultural practices.

Translated by Trung Thanh