A scene in the documentary "President Ho Chi Minh in Russia" 
The 30-minute black-and-white documentary, “President Ho Chi Minh in Russia,” produced in 1976 by the Russian Central Studio for Documentary, is being archived at the Russian State Archives of Movies and Documents. The documentary describes President Ho Chi Minh’s activities during the making of the nation of Vietnam and his efforts to deepen solidarity between Vietnam and Russia.

The “Vietnam: 30 days in Sai Gon” color film, made by Director Jean-Pierre Moscardo, is stored at  the French Film Institute. The one-hour long film retraced the last days of the resistance war against foreign invaders and the first days of Saigon (present Ho Chi Minh City) under the administration of the Provisional Revolutionary Government of the Republic of South Vietnam.

The Vietnam Television will broadcast these two documentaries in the upcoming time.

Translated by Minh Anh