“Coc do” (Lumnitzra littorea) tree. Photo: vncreatures.net

The trees include two “Nhoi” (Bischofia javanica) trees and one “Coc do” (Lumnitzra littorea) tree. The board said that those trees meet all criteria to become national heritage trees, which include over 200 years old, endemic, valuable and rare, of cultural and historical value, part of a beautiful natural landscape and at least 25 meters in height and 15 meters in diameter.

The recognition will promote tourism images as well as economic development in the island.

The board affirmed that a program to conserve Vietnam heritage trees initiated by the VACNE in 2010 has made significant contributions to safeguarding bio-diversity and natural landscapes, bolstering economy and improving livelihoods for local people.

According to VACNE experts, Con Dao has a diverse and plentiful flora with more than 880 kinds of vascular plants.

Earlier, 79 ancient trees planted along Ton Duc Thang, Le Duan, Le Van Viet and Nguyen Hue streets, Island Lord Palace, Phu Hai prison, Phu Son prison and Lady Phi Yen Temple were recognized as heritage trees in 2012.

Source: VNA