Under the plan, the special national relic site covers an area of 845 hectares, stretching across Hy Cuong, Chu Hoa and Van Phu communes of Viet Tri city, Thien Kien of Lam Thao district, and Phu Ninh of Phu Ninh district.

It has a 32.2-hectare core area where most of ancient buildings are located, including Thuong, Trung and Ha Temples, Gieng Temple, Hung Kings Tombs, Thien Quang Pagoda and a bell tower.

 Visitors to the Hung Kings Temple Festival in 2017
The buffer zone, surrounding the core area, spreads across 812.8 hectares, comprising Van and Troc mountains, Hung King tower, temple of legendary national father Lac Long Quan, a martyr memorial, Hung Temple National Park and an area for holding festivals and events.

The plan focuses on protecting and restoring the historical values, natural landscapes and the environment of the relic site and mapping out directions for the management and investment of the site.

It also aims to create a space to pay tribute to Hung Kings and national ancient celebrities during the era of Hung Kings in a bid to educate people on patriotism and national solidarity as well as promote it as a religious tourism destination.

Source: VNA