Regarding voters’ queries on corruption prevention and control, the top legislator noted that the NA has amended the Law on Corruption Prevention and Control, while the Party and State have also paid great attention to the work.

Over the past time, several major corruption cases have been brought to light, including the case of Trinh Xuan Thanh and those related to banks.

National Assembly Chairwoman Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan speaks at the meeting with voters in Phong Dien district.
Competent agencies have been directed to clarify and publicize 12 cases in 2017, she said, affirming the Party and State’s consistent stance of allowing no “safe zone” for corruptors.

About issues related to fake and under-quality commodities, NA Chairwoman Ngan said that NA deputies toughed upon the matter in all socio-economic discussions, while building a supervision program in the field.

The legislature has also issued a resolution on the matter and assigned the Government to strengthen State management over fake and poor quality commodities, especially in the field of agriculture, she declared.

Answering voters’ questions on measures to support pig breeders suffering losses due to falling pork prices, she attributed the situation to poor market forecast for production orientation.

She revealed that the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development is seeking ways to boost processing, while urging authorized agencies to give more exact market forecasts.

Regarding measures to prevent the use of food additives without clear origin and enhance food safety, the top legislator pledged that in the upcoming third session, the NA will conduct supreme supervision over the issue before releasing a resolution asking ministries and sectors to strengthen supervision and management in the field.

Source: VNA