A patient with HIV/AIDS is under treatment

According to a report at a conference reviewing the project on December 26, the project, funded by the US’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has provided HIV consultation and testing services for the highly vulnerable individuals, condoms to locals and antiretroviral (ARV) treatment for infected children.

It has also provided assistance, medicine treatment and preventive medical services for cases of mother-to-child transmission and HIV-carried patients while monitoring the community to reduce transmission.

The project has improved treatment services for HIV/AIDS patients while improving relevant facilities and managerial capacity for staff.

The province has recorded 2,262 HIV/AIDS patients so far, including 1,653 AIDS patients.

In 2017, 49 new cases were detected, four people developed full-blown AIDS, 11 HIV/AIDS-related deaths were reported and 23 children were found infected with HIV.

In 2018, the province aims to boost technical consultation, testing, caring and treatment services for HIV patients.

Communication work on HIV/AIDS prevention and control will be promoted along with expanding and improving treatment services as well as providing ARV treatment.

Source: VNA