A filed photo of a polling place on the first General Election day on January 6, 1946.

In her article, the Chairwoman described the day 72 years ago as an important event in the nation’s history as the Vietnamese through their vote chose competent people to the National Assembly for the first time.

Through the election, the people gave the NA the task of issuing the constitution and setting up institutions of the people’s democratic state.

The success of the election marked the formation of the National Assembly of Vietnam, she stressed, adding the election was a basis to affirm that the State was elected by the people in a democratic and legal manner.

In the first days of the NA’s establishment, the Vietnamese legislature showed the democratic, creative and responsible spirit through thinking and responsible discussions of NA deputies at first sessions of the first National Assembly. The spirit of democracy, unity, and responsibility for the sake of the people was manifested clearly in the NA’s activities.

So far, the NA built and issued five Constitutions, hundreds of laws and ordinances. The revision of laws has been conducted regularly, thus perfecting the national legal system.

Each constitution, law, resolution or decision of the NA has been connected to the nation’s developments and reflected the renewal process of the country, she stressed.

The top legislator expressed her belief that with the tradition and experiences accumulated over the last 72 years, the National Assembly will do the best to fulfill assigned tasks.

Source: VNA