PANO – Over the past half a decade, Mig-21 fighters have always been present in the runways of Kep Airport of Air Force Regiment 927 under Air Force Division 371 of the Air Defense-Air Force Service and contributed to the regiment’s glorious history. The images of the fighters protecting the national airspace in wartime have been deeply engraved on the memories of generations of cadres, pilots, technicians, and people.

At present, the Mig-21’s sacred missions were handed down to modern fighter jets Su-30MK2 piloted by the regiment’s troops who are capable of joining day flying training sorties.

According to Senior Colonel La Dai Phong, the regiment’s Commander, the regiment’s pilots are competent to master SU-30MK2 in any situations and some of the pilots are competent to carry out night flying training sorties; and over the past time, the unit has successfully conducted many complicated day flying sorties.

PANO would like to introduce some photos taken during night flying training sorties of the regiment.

Translated by Tran Hoai