At the meeting, Phong affirmed that the Vietnamese National Assembly always supports and highly appreciates the Vietnam-Japan comprehensive strategic partnership, which is developing strongly, comprehensively, and practically.

She expressed her pleasure at the cooperation results between the Vietnamese National Assembly and Japanese National Diet and highly valued the visit of the Japanese delegation with outstanding women in politics and external affairs activities. Phong noted that the exchange of the female Vietnamese NA deputies and their Japanese counterparts is a new cooperation mechanism of the two nations, and hoped that that mechanism would be maintained in the coming time.

At the meeting

For her part, Shinako expressed her admiration for the strong involvement of Vietnamese women in both politics and economic development with many talented female politicians and businesswomen, and emphasized that Japan wishes to exchange experience with Vietnam to raise the ratio of female parliamentarians.

* The same day, Truong Thi Mai, Head of the Communist Party of Vietnam's (CPV) Central Committee’s Commission for Mass Mobilization, also met with the female delegation of Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party (LDP).

Mai highly appreciated the guest as well as female Japanese parliamentarians who have paid attention and actively promoted the relationship between the two countries in general and the relations between the CPV and the Japanese LDP in particular. She also hoped to boost exchanges between agencies and mass organizations of the two parties, thus creating a new channel of cooperation in order to enhance political trust and the Vietnam-Japan strategic partnership.

For her part, the guest held that the first visit of a female delegation of the LDP to Vietnam showed her Party’s willingness to promote cooperation with Vietnam’s Party. She expressed her hope to foster exchanges between the two countries’ female leaders in the time to come.

Translated by Lam Anh