In preparation for SOM-1, VNPT had built communication infrastructure and telecommunication networks with 40 optical fiber cables, landlines and 1 Gigabit internet lines as well as upgraded data transmission traffic capacity for lines by 10 times at seven different places in Nha Trang city.

At the event. Photo: VNA 
Additionally, the company sent a BTS/NodeB car to the meeting place while VNPT workers were on duty round the clock to ensure the best quality of communications services for the organizing panel, delegates and reporters at the meeting.

At this moment, VNPT is reviewing the outcomes of the work and drawing lessons from its operations during SOM-1, with the aim of better serving other events within the framework of the APEC 2017 in the future, particularly the APEC Summit Week in Da Nang city.

VNPT is considered one of the leading telecoms group in Vietnam with a modern and fully-worked-out communication network across the country.

It has been trusted to provide landline and mobile communications services for a number of major national-scale political, social and cultural events as well as the fifth Asian Beach Games (ABG5) in Da Nang city in 2016

Translated by Thu Nguyen