The chair was handed over to Vietnam at the 18th MASEAN conference held by the VMA and the MASEAN in Hanoi.

Present at the meeting were Deputy-Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam, President of the World Medical Association Yoshitake Yokokura, Health Minister Nguyen Thi Kim Tien and representatives from ministries, and central and Hanoi’s departments.

Deputy-Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam speaking at the event

Addressing the conference, Ms. Xuyen emphasized the MASEAN’s goal of boosting relationship among medical associations and health experts from Southeast Asian nations; disseminating medicine-related information; and making reports on occupations and making policies to offer best health care for people. The MASEAN was founded in 1980.

Meanwhile, delegates discussed and shared experience in their associations’ operations and their efforts to help improve the quality of health care and treatment for people.

In his speech, the Deputy-PM highly valued and showed respect for the all-out efforts of generations of Vietnamese medical practitioners and stressed that health is the most valuable possession of not only every single person, but also the community and the nation. He added that taking care people’s health must always be a top mission of the government with the participation of the entire people, especially those in charge of taking care of people’s health.

The Deputy-PM also hoped that the VMA to continue bringing into play its proud traditions and make more active contributions to the MASEAN to meet the goal of caring for people’s health.

Translated by Mai Huong