For the tenure, Thailand has proposed the theme of “Accelerating an Agile ASEAN Civil Service,” which is also in line with the overall theme of the ASEAN Summit.

General Secretary of Thailand’s Office of the Civil Service Commission Methini Thepmani. (Source:

Methini expressed her belief that the achievements gained during the period will help boost agility in the civil service throughout the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

Thailand will continue to advance its current achievements, while also proposing various decisions under its leadership, including devising an ACCSM Workplan for 2021-2025 in order to respond to the emerging challenges shared by civil services in the region.

She added that in March 2019, the Senior Officials Meeting will take place in Chiang Rai, with other related meetings to be held in Bangkok in August.

During its 2017-2018 tenure, Singapore chose the theme “Building Citizen-Centric Civil Service in ASEAN” for the 19th ACCSM, with the aim to expand the scope of cooperation between ACCSM and ASEAN dialogue to partners beyond the ASEAN plus three, including specialized organizations.

Source: VNA