Reports delivered at the meeting revealed that last year the coast guard force, in cooperation with press agencies, effectively disseminated the Party’s guidelines on national seas and islands as well as law enforcement activities of coast guard troops, national sovereignty protection, and search and rescue activities at seas.

At the meeting, delegates also proposed measures and guidelines to raise the effectiveness of dissemination of seas-and islands-related information in the coming time.

Outstanding collectives and individuals honored at the event

On the occasion, the Vietnam Coast Guard Command presented certificates of merits to six groups and six individuals with significant achievements in information dissemination in 2020.

On the same day, the Information and Education Commissions of Ca Mau, Kien Giang, and An Giang provinces and the Naval Region 5 Command reviewed their coordination in dissemination of seas-and islands-related information and signed a cooperation agreement for 2021.

Last year, the Naval Region 5 Command and the provincial Information and Education Commissions co-hosted various activities to disseminate seas-and islands-related information to local Party members, trade union members, women, students, and fishermen. Particularly, the unit sent more than 750 troops and vehicles to rescue 64 troubled fishermen and stamp out fires and presented 100 lifebuoys and life-jackets and 500 national flags to fishermen.  

Regarding missions in the coming time, the units agreed to foster information dissemination and continue conducting mass mobilization and gratitude activities. They also agreed to participate in the new-styled rural areas building and the hunger elimination and poverty reduction program, conduct search and rescue missions, and help people develop a sea-based economy.

Translated by Tran Hoai