The conference drew the attendance of nearly 100 speakers from military agencies and units throughout the army.

The two-day conference will provide participants with important  global, regional and national news; outstanding achievements of military and defense activities in 2020; as well as results obtained in national sovereignty protection and performances of tasks relating to Vietnam’s seas, islands, and continental shelf, and so on.

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Reports delivered at the conference revealed that the Central Military Commission and Ministry of National Defense accomplished their advisory function in 2020.

Particularly, military agencies and units actively made recommendations for the Party and State to deal with defense and military issues; brought into full play its core role in building an all-people national defense, the posture of an all-people national defense, and firmly protecting national independence, national sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity.

Moreover, the Central Military Commission has always attached much importance to improving the quality of military training, troops’ strength and combat readiness capabilities, discipline observance, logistics, the defense industry, science and technology, and external defense activities.

The military agencies and units also helped people with hunger eradication, poverty reduction, the building of new-style rural areas, disaster relief, and search and rescue.

Troops also demonstrated their firm political stance and high resolve to fulfill all assigned missions.

Translated by Quynh Oanh