Reportedly, the collaboration among the above-mentioned agencies have been implemented as planned and made practical effects, contributing to informing local authorities and people, ensuring political security and social order, as well as building the all-people defense posture and a firm people’s security posture at sea.

Outstanding individuals and groups receive certificates of merit at the conference.

The naval region and relevant agencies disseminated information to over 4,000 people, delivered 2,000 leaflets, presented 1,600 national flags and 300 life jackets and gave 40 sets of gifts, worth VND 36 million in total to needy fishermen.

The naval region mobilized 120 troops and many vehicles to extinguish two forest fires in Cam Lam district, Khanh Hoa province. In addition, its troops guided 400 ships to safe shelters in bad weather conditions, provided health checkups and free medicines to over 1,800 fishermen, repaired 15 fishing ships, and saved 17 distressed fishermen hit by Storm 9.

At the conference, delegates pointed out several shortcomings in performing tasks over the past year and discussed measures to enhance their collaboration this year. Particularly, they agreed to renew contents and methods of information dissemination, actively fight against wrongful viewpoints of hostile forces, and draw more support for naval forces.

On the occasion, the naval region presented certificates of merit to four groups and four individuals in recognition of their remarkable achievements in disseminating information on national seas and islands last year.

Translated by Trung Thanh