The event was attended by Coast Guard Region 2’s Vice Political Commissar Colonel Bui Dai Hai, representatives from agencies of Flotilla 21, and teachers and students from Le Loi, Tran Cao Van, and Nguyen Khuyen secondary schools in Nui Thanh district.

Students in Nui Thanh district receiving scholarships and bicycles at the event

During the event, students took part in two sections, namely the “National Seas and Islands and Coast Guard Troops” drawing contest and a contest on knowledge of national seas and islands. In the second part, participants were requested to answer 15 multiple-choice questions.

At the end of the contest, Nguyen Khuyen Secondary School’s team won the first prize.

Through the event, organizers expected to raise students’, teachers’ and local people’s knowledge of national seas and islands, legal documents on seas and islands, missions of the Vietnamese coast guard force and harmful effects of drugs. Participants were also equipped with useful methods to prevent drugs and school violence.

The “I love national seas and islands” contest was also to foster solidarity between local people and the coast guard force and raise the effectiveness of youth activities, thus contributing to consolidating defense and security in the locality.

On the occasion, Flotilla 21 presented 17 scholarships and 17 bicycles to needy students from 17 secondary schools in Nui Thanh district. 

Translated by Tran Hoai