An exchange with the invited guests at the seminar

The seminar drew the participation of Senior Colonel Tran Dung Trieu, a retired officer of the Department of Military Science of the Ministry of National Defense; comrade Nguyen Duy Xa who is a veteran of Brigade 125 under the Naval Service performing tasks in the Truong Sa archipelago; teacher Le Minh Phuong from the International Finnish Kindergarten whose husband is Commanding Officer of DK1/20 Platform of the Naval Service.

During the event, participants watched a documentary featuring training and combat readiness mission as well as production of troops and islanders in Truong Sa island district and on DK1 Platforms and in waters and on islands of the country. They also listened to stories of guests about their visits to the national islands and platforms, and difficulties facing troops on duty in the areas, to name but a few.

Participants in a joint photo

Colonel Cao Tien Son, Political Commissar of Hai Ba Trung district’s Military Command, held that the seminar aimed to help participants understand more about the missions and living standards of troops on duty in the Truong Sa (Spratly) archipelago, DK1 Platforms, thereby raising their awareness of the importance of the national sea and islands towards the national cause of construction and protection, the Party’s guidelines and State’s policies and laws on sea and islands...

Translated by Minh Anh