At the exchange

The event drew the participation of 2,000 delegates who represented the capital’s Party committee, authorities, veterans, militia and self-defense forces, Youth Union members, youths, students, and the capital armed forces. The program connected the command and 32 other points of its affiliated agencies and units.

The exchange spread the sacrifices, contribution and resilient spirit of officers, soldiers and people on islands in both wartime and peacetime. It also looked into difficulties facing troops when performing their tasks and their wives’ hardships in taking care of the family while their husbands take on duties on remote islands.

An art performance at the exchange

The exchange also helped troops of the capital’s armed forces and the people learn more about the Party’s guidelines, and the State’s policies and laws related to sea and islands; the fight against hostile forces who take advantage of sea and island issues to sabotage the great national unity bloc. From that they will heighten responsibility and have specific actions to contribute to the cause of building and defending the Fatherland and the national sovereignty over its sea and islands.

* The same day, in Phu Quoc city, Kien Giang province, Brigade 950 under Military Region 9 launched the program “Youths with national sea and islands.”

Learning about the past history in Phu Quoc Prison

Many activities were organized during the program, such as a contest themed “Proud of national sea and islands,” a photo and book exhibition on national sea and islands, a visit to Phu Quoc Prison historical relic site, a visit to and gift presentation for local policy beneficiary families, a gift presentation for children of the brigade’s troops, and an art program.

Visiting a local policy beneficiary family

Senior Colonel Huynh Van Phuoi, Political Commissar of Brigade 950, said that the program “Youths with national sea and islands” was part of the activities to celebrate the 12th National Youth Union Congress, the 10th Military Youth Union Congress, and the 10th Congress of Youth Union Organization of Military Region 9. It also aimed to provide Youth Union cadres and members with knowledge of national maritime sovereignty, arouse their patriotism, national pride, solidarity, creativeness to achieve all assignments.

Translated by Chung Anh