The mission visited islands, namely Da Thi (Petley Reef), Sinh Ton (Sin Cowe), Co Lin (Collins Reef), Nui Le (Cornwallis South Reef), Toc Tan (Alison Reef), Da Tay (West London Reef), Truong Sa (Spratly), and DK1/19 platform.

Troops on Sinh Ton Island welcome the working delegation.

During the visits, the delegation checked units’ task performance and was briefed on their outcomes in carrying out missions in 2023 and the first four months of this year. Vice Admiral Nguyen Van Bong highly appreciated and lauded troops and islanders for their outstanding achievements and efforts over the past time. He evaluated that over the past years troops and islanders have stayed united, overcome all difficulties, and firmly protected national sovereignty over sea and islands. 

The Political Commissar of the Naval Service said that troops in Truong Sa archipelago and DK1 Platforms should focus on training and practicing combat readiness scenarios to effectively handle all circumstances; build regularity and strictly observe discipline; maintain solidarity among troops and between troops and people; be a fulcrum for fishermen to fish at sea; actively disseminate law to prevent illegal fishing. 

Members of the delegation and children on an island

On the occasion, the working delegation visited and handed gifts, worth VND 700 million in total, to contribute to enhancing the material and spiritual life of troops and people. The gifts included six freezers, 100 fans, 13 sets of computer, five laptops, seven pumps, one ton of sticky rice, 120 litters of honey, and watermelon seed.

Translated by Tran Hoai