The current medical center, the only in Truong Sa town now, was born on May 25, 2017 at a total cost of 41 billion VND (1.82 million USD) donated by people nationwide.

With 12 medical staff and modern equipment, the center is capable of conducting basic and complex surgeries.

At a medical center on Phan Vinh island

Over the past year, the center has offered 3,000 health check-ups and 200 inpatient treatments, up nearly 10-fold. It also conducted 396 surgeries regarding birth delivery, cerebrovascular accident and multi-injuries, among others.

Son said it marks a positive signal in health care for officers and soldiers on Truong Sa archipelago and fishermen on Truong Sa fishing ground.

He expressed his hope to build medical centers on all islands on Truong Sa archipelago to serve officers, soldiers and foreign vessels in need of medical support, becoming international humanitarian support destinations.

Source: VNA