Sitting on a bamboo boat to experience Van Long lagoon, in Gia Van commune, Gia Vien district, amidst picturesque scenery, tourists seem to be immersed in the beautiful nature. Besides, the clear water in the lagoon brings tourists a fresh feeling.

It is also wonderful to row the boat in the afternoon, watching the sun hiding out gradually behind high rocky mounts. When the sun sets, the high mounts reflect back into the water that looks like a big shinning mirror. It is also the time for birds to fly back to their nets. At this moment, tourists can watch a typical painting of the wetland with flocks of white storks leisurely flying in the sky and then landed down on valleys for food.

Visitors at Van Long Lagoon

Visiting Van Long Lagoon, besides nice scenery, tourists can savor typical dishes such as shrimp sauce, goat meat, crunchy rice, and local Kim Son alcohol.

Van Long wetland nature reserve has a diverse ecosystem with abundant fauna and flora. It also houses various endangered species, such as Delacour's langurs, red-crowned cranes.

With beautiful wild scenery, Van Long Lagoon is an ideal place for people especially couples to take photos and films. Recently it has been selected as the background for the Hollywood blockbuster "Kong: Skull Island".

Further more, the local people’s hospitality will leave a good impression on those whomever visit the wonderful lagoon.

Translated by Mai Huong