Mong Rong Stone Beach is one of the favorite tourist destinations in Co To.

The place was discovered a long time ago and initially named Cau My Stone Beach. In 2015, it was renamed Mong Rong Stone Beach because of its unique formations of large rocks protruding out to the sea which look like dragon claws.

Nguyen Hai Linh, Deputy Head of the district’s Office of Culture and Information, said that geologists’ studies show that the area contains sedimentary rocks which were eroded by seawater for tens of thousands of years to form cliffs of 60 - 80 meters high with different beautiful colors and shapes. The area bears not only scenic values, but also mysterious features of the nature.

Looking down from the height, the area is like a giant sea chart with zigzag layers of rocks covered in sea waves. At different times of the day, it entertains visitors with different experiences. In the morning, the tide ebbs away, exposing rocks of different colors and shapes. At noon, these colorful rocks are sparkling under the sunshine.

Mong Rong Stone Beach is one of the most favorite destinations in the area because of its pristine beauty and quietness. Unlike the bustling atmosphere in Co To town, visiting the area tourists can hear the sound of waves.

Motorbikes and electric cars are main means of transport to the area. For young tourists, motorbikes are the best choice. It is advised to visit the place from May to August as in this period of time, the sea is calm and the sun shines beautifully, so tourists can pose for gorgeous photos and bath in crystal-clear water.

The beach is also an ideal place to watch sunrise and sunset. Fishing and scuba-diving are also favorite activities in the area. Tourists can contemplate coral reef and watch schools of fish swimming in the clear water.

In addition, tourists can walk to the peak of the rock beach to contemplate the beautiful landscapes in the area, watching rolling waves washing over rocks. That is the reason why the point is called “A wave-watching hill.”

Visiting Co To on beautiful sunny days, visitors will be surely lured by the crystal clear water and mysterious rocks of different shapes and sizes on Mong Rong Stone Beach.

Translated by Tran Hoai