According to the magazine, the Ban Gioc Waterfall encompasses a series of cascades that straddle the border between Vietnam and China.

“In a stunning show of power and grandeur, water flows endlessly through pools, down tiers, and over cliffs in a unique horseshoe shape,” it described.

Ban Gioc Waterfall among world's 21 most beautiful waterfalls

The recognition comes after sightseeing tours of the Ban Gioc (Vietnam) - Detian (China) Waterfall scenic area officially opened to both countries’ visitors in September 2023.

Not only one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Vietnam, Ban Gioc is also among the largest in Southeast Asia and one of the world's four largest waterfalls lying on a border of countries.

Rounding of the list of the Top 21 include Victoria Falls of Zambia and Zimbabwe; Havasu Falls of Arizona in the U.S.; Angel Falls of Venezuela; Dudhsagar Falls of India; Yosemite Falls of California in the U.S.; Seljalandsfoss of Iceland; Akaka Falls of Hawaii in the U.S.; Iguazu Falls of Argentina and Brazil; and Plitvice Waterfalls of Croatia.

Source: VNA