They comprise pilots, flight attendants, and ground staff, who have frequent contact with passengers.

The inoculation, using the AstraZeneca vaccine, is carried out at the vaccination center of the Hanoi-based Vietnam National Children’s Hospital, with about 250 people to get the jabs each day.

Vietnam Airlines is the first carrier in the country to have both the flight crew and ground staff vaccinated against COVID-19

Vietnam Airlines is the country’s first air carrier to arrange the vaccinations for both the flight crew and ground staff.

Earlier, nearly 800 employees of the Vietnam Airlines Group at Tan Son Nhat International Airport in Ho Chi Minh City and Vinh Airport in central Nghe An province were inoculated.

The latest vaccination program will raise the number of the inoculated personnel of the group, consisting of Vietnam Airlines, Pacific Airlines, and VASCO, to nearly 2,300.

The Vietnam Airlines Group is to keep working with relevant agencies to expand the vaccine coverage to all the staff, using its welfare fund.

Together with existing anti-COVID-19 measures, the carrier expects the vaccinations will help protect its staff, passengers, and the community from the disease and encourage air travel.

Source: VNA