Statistics from the Relics Committee has shown that in the first half of April alone, more than 100 thousands of visitors flocked to the site, and the number keeps rising in the following days when the main celebration will take place for the historical victory's 70th anniversary (May 7, 1954 - 2024).

Tourists immerse themselves in the flow of history through a tour guide's presentation at Hill A1 relic

The tourists often chose to visit destinations such as A1 Hill, Martyrs' Temple, A1 Cemetery, Dien Bien Phu Historical Victory Museum, and the De Castries Bunker.

Nguyen Van Dien, a veteran tourist from Hanoi’s Tu Liem district, said he joined a group of 40 tourists from the capital city, most of them are veterans and children.

Dien said he chose to visit Dien Bien Phu Battlefield early as this year, its 70th anniversary is a big event and the site will be very crowded.

His group will stay in Dien Bien for two days and try to visit as many sites as possible particularly the martyrs' cemeteries, he added.

"This is not only a great opportunity to honor the heroic history of the nation, but also a time to educate younger generations, especially children about the bravery, heroic, indomitable tradition and the resounding victories of forefathers who sacrificed to protect the Fatherland.

Source: VNA