After a week of traveling in rocky plateaus, we chose Nam Dam as the last stop of the trip to Ha Giang. Our first impression of this countryside was its wild and peaceful beauty. Contrary to the flows of the hustle and bustle pace of life of modern society, the Dao ethnic people living here keep a calm pace of life, immersing themselves in nature. Hidden behind houses with mud walls, ethnic women wearing their traditional costumes dimly loomed in the veil of mist, making visitors feel like they are lost in a fairyland.

Both men and women wear traditional customs in their daily life activities.

Nam Dam is also blessed by nature with fresh air and beautiful scenery. The village is located on top of a mountain and covered with primeval forests, white clouds and picturesque terraced fields. There is a large lake at the entrance of Nam Dam village where visitors can row boats and go fishing. Those who love jogging can choose to walk to Nai waterfall through the forest path. 

Apart from the beauty of the nature, the Nam Dan Culture and Tourism Village attracts a large number of tourists because of the rich cultural characteristics of the Dao Chan people. Both men and women wear traditional customs in their daily life activities. All houses are built from local and environmentally-friendly materials.

Phan Thi Diem, a local woman, shared that “Nha trinh tuong” (rammed earth houses) is a unique architectural identity of the Dao people. Visitors coming to Nam Dam are interested in this house.

According to Ly Dai Thong, an artisan of Nam Dam village, Nam Dam is well-known for the pristine beauty of the Dao people. Therefore, the village has preserved and upheld the cultural identity of the Dao people to attract more visitors. Artisans conduct artistic activities to give visitors a better understanding of the Dao people’s culture.

Nguyen Thi Nhung, a visitor from Hanoi, shared that she experienced herbal baths of the Dao people, participated in making local traditional dishes, and went to highland markets. Particularly, she had a chance to watch several excerpts of an important ceremony of the Dao people. All people were dressed beautifully, danced and sang loudly. Those were memorable memories for her family.

Translated by Chung Anh