At the launch of the program

This program aims to spread young intellectuals’ and scientists’ knowledge of science and technology, guide and transfer technologies to local people, contributing to the city building and development, including the building of new-style rural areas in five suburban districts of Ho Chi Minh City.

In this year’s program, which lasts until December, participants will help locals adapt to and control COVID-19. They will assist locals in building new-style rural areas and rural economic development, improving quality of lives, and building urban civilization. In addition, they will pioneer in protecting the environment, responding to climate change, organize interesting scientific playgrounds, and trips of knowledge, and technologies.

Books and sea ducks presented to recipients

Right after the launch, the organizers presented 10 bookcases to local schools, disinfected schools, transferred the model of sea duck farming and gave 3,000 sea ducks to breeders. In addition, they also equipped suburban districts’ people, youth, students with scientific and technological knowledge.

Apart from localities in Ho Chi Minh City, the program will reach other border, remote and mountainous areas, waters, and islands to transfer technologies and presented cattle and plants to troops and locals.

Disadvantaged students receive computer sets.

Under this program, the organizers are going to launch the models of border lighting, “Bright-Green-Safe” roads, and present solar light bulbs to border areas and islands, which have not been benefited from the national power grid.

Translated by Mai Huong