The activity was in response to the Prime Minister’s and the VFFCC’s call on all people to support the national COVID-19 prevention effort.

At the handover ceremony

The money was contributed by the cadres, officials, civil servants, and laborers of the social insurance sector. The donation demonstrated the sector’s personnel’s responsibility for, contributions to, and active engagement in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

In her speech, Minh said that the VSI has taken various prompt and drastic measures to support people and enterprises badly affected by the pandemic amidst more complicated developments of the disease.

Accordingly, eligible enterprises facing difficulties due to COVID-19 can hold off payments to pension and funeral allowance funds for up to 12 months without interests due on late payments. Besides, with cases of unemployment due to the pandemic, workers in quarantine and patients with health insurance cards will receive support from the sector. The VSI also encourages e-transactions and use of postal services to minimize exposure to and spread of COVID-19.

Expressing a deep thanks to the social insurance sector’s staff for their good deeds, President of the VFF Central Committee Tran Thanh Man also highlighted the sector’s practical and effective COVID-19 prevention and control in the past.

Translated by Mai Huong