The dispatch cited a report from the People's Committee of Lam Dong province on prolonged torrential rains in the Central Highlands region.

The scene of the landslides in Bao Loc pass in Lam Dong province

Many localities have seen subsidence and landslides, affecting people's lives and damaging transport works. Particularly, the subsidence, landslides in the construction areas of Dong Thanh reservoir in Dong Thanh commune, Lam Ha district of Lam Dong province and Dak N'Ting reservoir in Dak G'long district of Dak Nong province are causing high risks to the safety of the dams and reservoirs.

In order to mitigate impacts of floods, subsidence and landslides and ensure dam and reservoir safety as well as the safety of people and property, the Prime Minister asked the Chairpersons of the People's Committees of Lam Dong and Dak Nong provinces and other localities in the Central Highlands region to drastically implement the Government's directions given in previous dispatches.

The localities should allocate forces to review areas with high risks of landslides, and inspect the implementation of measures to ensure safety for people, dams and reservoirs. The chairpersons of the provincial People's Committee will bear the responsibility before the Prime Minister for any incidents harming people's lives and property.

The Prime Minister Pham asked the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD), which is the standing agency of the National Steering Committee for Natural Disaster Prevention and Control, to assign a deputy minister to coordinate with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Industry and Trade and Ministry of Construction to inspect and direct the prevention and mitigation of natural disaster consequences in the Central Highlands region, especially the ensuring of safety for the people, dams and reservoirs in Lam Dong and Dak Nong.

The MARD was directed to send experienced experts to Lam Dong and Dak Nong to assess the safety of reservoirs in Dong Thanh and Dak N'Ting, thus giving suitable solutions and ensuring the safety of the works and nearby residential areas.

The National Steering Committee for Natural Disaster Prevention and Control and other relevant ministries and sectors were requested to continue to monitor, direct and coordinate with localities in implementing disaster prevention, control activities and the fixing of natural disaster consequences, while reporting to the Prime Minister matters beyond their competence.

Source: VNA