More than 2,000 people and a lot of modern, professional fire-fighting equipment mobilized for the exercise

This coordination program between the Ministry of Public Security and Quang Ninh province aimed to concretize plans and working programs of the National Civil Defense Steering Committee and to celebrate the 62nd anniversary of President Ho Chi Minh’s signing the decree promulgating the fire prevention and fighting ordinance and the 22 years of National Fire Prevention and Fighting Day (October 4).

More than 2,000 people and a lot of modern, professional fire-fighting equipment including helicopters, fire-fighting robots and professional firefighting vehicles and boats engaged in the event.

Robots fighting the fire
Troops of Quang Ninh provincial Military Command pro-actively transporting furniture and vehicles to a safe area

The exercise had many new contents with high requirements in solving difficult situations on land, at sea, and in the air and drew the participation of many forces, vehicles, modern equipment, and weapons.

In the exercise, participating forces closely coordinated, effectively operated, and successfully handled situations.

According to the organizers, the exercise was a great success, ensuring safety of personnel and equipment.

Firefighting at sea

The drill helped raise participants’ awareness, knowledge, sense of vigilance and responsibility for fire prevention, fire-fighting and search and rescue operations; strengthen standby and response capabilities of fire fighters and on-spot fire-fighting forces; improve command, direction and coordination capacity of all-level authorities and forces in and outside the province.

Presenting flags and flowers to participating units

Lessons drawn from the exercise will help adjust response plans in line with reality and specific conditions to minimize the risks of fire, explosion, and accidents that can occur any time.

Translated by Chung Anh