All the fishermen are rescued by a ship named Barzan en route from China to Singapore. (Photo: Vietnam MRCC)

The fishermen, originally from Binh Dinh province, were rescued by a ship named Barzan en route from China to Singapore, according to the Binh Dinh People’s Committee.

The National Committee for Incident and Natural Disaster Response, Search and Rescue sent ship CSB 6007 to receive the fishermen, who are now in stable health.

According to initial information, their fishing vessel, coded BD 98268 TS, broke up and sank amid strong winds at 3:30 a.m. on November 20, in an area about 92 nautical miles Northeast of Binh Thuan’s Phu Quy Island. The crew members clung to the floating parts from the original vessel to survive.

Notified of the incident, the Binh Dinh People’s Committee asked the National Steering Committee for Natural Disaster Prevention and Control, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the Command of Coast Guard Region 3, and the Vietnam People’s Navy to quickly send personal and equipment to save the fishermen. It also deployed to a team to coordinate with Binh Thuan authorities in the search and rescue.

Vessels operating near the area of the incident were also asked to help with the search and rescue mission.

Source: VNA