This program received enthusiastic participation by all teachers, pupils of the school, the volunteers and Youth Union members as well as the attention of delegates from Education and Training Department and Youth Union of Hiep Hoa district, and Mai Dinh commune People's Committee.

It is one of the annual event of Canon Vietnam with the aim to raise awareness of environmental protection for the pupils and guide them how to protect the environment through small actions in everyday life. At the same time, the program also inspires and raise awareness of environmental protection in rural area for local people, especially among youths.

Canon Vietnam hands over gifts to pupils

At the ceremony, Mr. Eiji Yasuda, Factory Manager said: “Vietnam is one of the five countries which have the most serious influence from the climate change around the world with some phenomenon such as: drought, flood, and tides. Not only in warning places but also everywhere from urban to rural area, living environment is seriously polluted. Thus, hand in hand, let’s change our awareness and action now to protect environment from smallest things then create stable and vitality Earth for us and the next generation.”   

The environment education program provides pupils the basic environmental knowledge of fauna and flora and polluted issues in Vietnam as well as around the global. The content is presented through vivid video and photo to help them visualize more clearly the environmental situation and to acquire knowledge more easily. Thereby, pupils can understand the importance of environmental protection, their importance role in protecting environment through small action in daily life. In the program, pupils also are trained about 3R (reduce, reuse and recycle) activities as well as reducing plastic rubbish in accordance with government’s policies.

Canon Vietnam offers gifts to Mai Dinh 1 primary school

Besides, pupils can join many funny games such as “Rubbish Classification”-practicing rubbish classification like recycle, organic, inorganic rubbish; “Living Environment”-finding suitable living place of animals. Through the vivid photos, video and analyzes of pupils and presenters, it is easy for pupils to remember the information that programmers desire.

In addition, Canon Vietnam presented 350 gift sets for pupils as useful living skill books, knowledge book about environment, nature, science and technology, and human. Therefore, it is easy for pupils to know more about life, human and nature as well as improve skills in environment protection and living skills. Moreover, the company also offered one printer and four double trash bins for school to support teaching process and environment protection.

During the environmental education program for school children, 30 Canon Vietnam volunteers and 20 youth union members in communes actively painted walls and cleaned around Mai Dinh kindergarten. 

Volunteers paint Mai Dinh kindergarten's walls

To continue the program, Canon Vietnam will cooperate with Bac Ninh provincial Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union to implement a similar event in Xuan Lai primary school in Xuan Lai commune, Gia Binh district and Tan Lang primary school in Luong Tai commune, Gia Binh district, Bac Ninh province. Hence, in 2019, there are 1,260 pupils are trained in these programs and Canon Vietnam presented 1,260 meaning sets of gifts as equipment to support teaching process and environment protection.

With a philosophy aimed at a Green - Clean - Beautiful environment and sustainable development, Canon Vietnam has been implementing many social activities such as “For a green Vietnam” at Thanh Hoa, Bac Giang, Yen Bai provinces, environmental protection campaign, garbage collecting in response of the World Environment Day and Earth Hour…to contribute to making Vietnam’s environment healthier and enhance people's awareness of the need to protect our environment.

Reported by Chung Anh