Addressing the ceremony, Nguyen Hoang Long, the provincial Red Cross Society’s President and the Steering Committee’s Permanent Deputy Head affirmed the province’s achievements in information dissemination and blood donation mobilization. As a result, people’s awareness of blood donation has improved as showed in the increasing number of blood donors, contributing to meeting part of the blood demand of hospitals in the province.

At the event in Tuyen Quang province.

To promote the movement, the provincial Red Cross Society has effectively run clubs in a bid to raise people’s awareness of blood donation. Thanks to its efforts, last year, the unit, in association with other agencies, units, and organizations, collected more than 4,600 units of blood from 16 blood donation drives. This year, it targets to hold more drives to collect around 5,000 blood units.

Long also asked departments and organizations to foster information dissemination to help the community embrace the significance of blood donation and turn it into action to serve patient treatment in hospitals.

After the launch ceremony, over 1,000 people donated more than 500 units of blood.

* On the same day, the National Lung Hospital and the Vietnam National Cancer Hospital held a respiratory disease and breast cancer screening program for people in Lung Hoa commune, Vinh Tuong district, Vinh Phuc province in response to the World Health Day.

A doctor is providing health checkup for the elderly in Lung Hoa commune.

The program was a significant activity to raise people’s awareness of early detection of respiratory diseases and cancer. “The program is part of its efforts to successfully fulfill the country’s target of eliminating tuberculosis by 2030, raise community’s awareness of the disease and end TB-related stigma and discrimination,” said Associate Professor Nguyen Viet Nhung, the Vietnam National Cancer Hospital’s Director.

During the program, around 1,000 locals had their health checked by experienced doctors with modern medical equipment. Especially, women over 40 underwent some tests and were screened to early detect breast cancer and received free medicines.

On the occasion, the National Lung Hospital presented medical equipment to the Medical Station of Lung Hoa commune and disseminate information about harmful effects of tobacco to locals.

Translated by Tran Hoai