With 16 chapters and 171 articles, the revised law prescribes environmental protection activities and the rights and obligations of agencies, organizations, resident communities, households, and individuals.

The revised Law on Environmental Protection adopted at the 10th sitting of the 14th National Assembly on November 17, with 91.91 percent of deputies voting in favor

It will take effect from January 1, 2022.

Earlier, legislators focused discussions on preliminary reports on environmental protection and agencies authorised to assess such reports.

November 17 was the last working day of the 10th sitting of the 14th N.A.

In the morning, the legislature held a private meeting to vote on a resolution on piloting the management and use of land for defense and security purposes in combination with production and economic development.

Deputies then had a discussion on a draft law on forces safeguarding security and order at the grassroots level.

Source: VNA