Among the delegates, 13.99 percent are women, and 11.03 percent are ethnic minorities.

Guests at the congress include former Party and State leaders, ambassadors and representatives of the diplomatic corps of foreign countries and chief representatives of international organizations in Hanoi, Heroic Mothers, and outstanding youths and intellectuals and representatives from religious organizations.

Party General Secretary and President Nguyen Phu Trong delivers the Political Report of the 12th Party Central Committee and documents submitted to the 13th National Party Congress.

The Politburo decided to establish 67 delegations, and assign their heads.

The 13th Congress is an important political event for the entire Party, army and people and a milestone in the development of the Party and the country as a whole. It bears future orientation significance, thus helping boost the country’s renewal, integration and development cause comprehensively and synchronously.

Documents to be submitted to the Congress not only review the implementation of the 12th Congress’s Resolution in association with the assessment of the 35-year renewal, 30 years implementing the 1991 Platform, 10 years implementing the 2011 Platform (amended) and the 2011-2020 socio-economic development strategy, but also set out the socio-economic development orientations and tasks for 2021 - 2025, as well as the goals and orientations for 2030 and the national development vision to 2045.

This Congress will also review the Party building work and the leadership of the 12th Party Central Committee, and elect a new Party Central Committee for the 13th tenure.

According to the approved working program, after the opening ceremony, the congress will listen to a report by the 12th Party Central Committee on its leadership. In the afternoon, delegates will work in groups.

Earlier, the congress held a preparatory session on January 25, during which the congress adopted its working regulations, elected a 17-member Presidium, a five-member secretarial delegation and the delegate eligibility verification board. The session also approved the congress’s working program, election rules and a report on delegates’ eligibility.

Source: VNA