Speaking at a gala held on September 8 night by the State Committee on Overseas Vietnamese Affairs (SCOVA) and Vietnam Television (VTV) to mark the Day for honoring the Vietnamese language in the overseas Vietnamese community, Son said that preserving and promoting the Vietnamese language in particular and the Vietnamese traditional cultural identity in general in the Vietnamese community abroad have received the special attention of the Party, State, and Government.

In August 2022, the Prime Minister approved a project on a Vietnamese language day, in which September 8 was chosen to be the day to honor the Vietnamese language in the overseas Vietnamese community.

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Le Thi Thu Hang (left) gives a certificate of merit to a candidate who won the title "Ambassador of Vietnamese language."

2023 is the first year the project has been implemented with many positive results generated thanks to the attention and positive response from ministries, departments, agencies, localities, and socio-political organizations, press agencies, especially Vietnamese associations and individuals abroad, Son said.

Earlier on September 8, the SCOVA held a meeting to review activities marking the “Day for honoring the Vietnamese language” in 2023.

The gala, “Tieng Me than thuong” (Beloved mother tongue), included performances on five themes – Origins, Vietnamese - My language, Spreading Vietnamese, Home Returning Journey, and Ambassadors of Vietnamese Language. The performances were based on the true story of a girl of Vietnamese origin who was raised and grew up abroad and can’t speak Vietnamese. Determining to speak the mother tongue, she made efforts to learn Vietnamese and then can speak it. With her Vietnamese, she got opportunities to start her career in her homeland.

The gala was a spiritual and meaningful gift for Vietnamese people abroad and also showed gratitude to individuals and organizations at home and abroad who have actively contributed to promoting the learning and use of Vietnamese in the expat community.

On this occasion, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Le Thi Thu Hang, Chairwoman of the SCOVA, awarded the certificates of merit to excellent candidates who won the title of “Ambassadors of Vietnamese Language” in a contest launched in April.

Source: VNA