Nguyen Hoang Long, Secretary of the Party cell of Vietnamese students in Hong Kong and Macao (China)

The CPV was founded on February 3, 1930, in Hong Kong at the dawn of the struggle for national liberation, independence, and construction.

One year ago, a Party cell of Vietnamese students in Hong Kong and Macao (China) was established with seven members who are post-graduates at Hong Kong’s universities.

Nguyen Hoang Long, Secretary of the cell, said that all Party members there are proud of joining Party activities there.

Over the past year, the cell consolidated its organization, Party affairs and activities. It regularly develops topics on political activities and education for Party members.

The cell and the Vietnamese Consulate in Hong Kong and Macau directed the establishment of the Vietnamese Students' Association in Hong Kong which was a turning point in the Vietnamese student movement in Hong Kong and proved the growth of the Vietnamese student community there in recent years.

Long said that changes in the policies of Hong Kong and Vietnam have created developments in educational cooperation between the two sides.

He said that the Party cell will organize activities to promote Vietnamese culture, people and wisdom. Moreover, it will also further introduce life and education in Hong Kong and attract Vietnamese students to study there.

It will also link the students' activities with the political and ideological education, towards the homeland, Long said.

Source: VNA