Targeting to annually enjoy Tet at home

Lunar New Year is an opportunity to reunite with relatives. Nothing is happier than welcoming Tet with the relatives after many years of living far from home to feel the love for the home country. Such affection is an important part of the identities and spiritual strength of the Vietnamese people.

OVs participating in the Homeland Spring 2020 program in a visit to Do Temple in Bac Ninh province

For Doan Van Viet, head of the Administrative Organization Department of the Vietnamese Business Association in the Republic of Korea (RoK), he celebrated Tet in his hometown and missed Tet when he was stuck with work. Viet said that the traditional Tet in RoK is the Tet of a family. Viet is still single therefore he visits social media for information about Tet preparations and he often feels touched.

For almost all Vietnamese expatriates enjoying Tet at home, an end of the year meal is very important. In the memory of overseas Vietnamese, Nguyen Ngoc Duc, though living in the subsidy period was difficult, people still tried to have enough traditional dishes for a year-end meal, including chung cake, pickled onions, frozen meat, bamboo shoot soup, sticky rice with gac fruit, in the hope of a prosperous New Year. Nowadays, the year-end meal still plays an important role in the spiritual life of Vietnamese people. This is not just a family meal but also an opportunity for people to gather together after a busy and hectic year. On New Year's Eve, children and grandchildren worshipping their ancestors is the most sacred moment of the year, reminding them about the nation's precious tradition of "When drinking water, remember its source," Duc said.

Meanwhile, going to aTet flower market is interesting to Tran Nghia dzong Marcel, an OV in France. He listed a number of flowers, such as peach blossoms, apricot flowers, orchids, and narcissus which make the Spring jubilant.

Wish to contribute to the homeland’s development

Though living in Vietnam and abroad, Vietnamese people always show their wish to contribute more to a more prosperous and beautiful Fatherland.

Living far from the home country for a decade now, Nguyen Ngoc Hoan, Head of the Vietnam Business Association in RoK, said that he recognizes each change in the country when he comes back home, especially in economy. “Vietnam and RoK established a strategic cooperation partnership in 2009. The two countries have promoted cooperation in different fields with a target to raise the two-way trade turnover to 100 billion USD in 2020.”

Hoan is running a business in trade promotion and vocational training in the RoK. Therefore, he hoped that his enterprise could contribute to the realization of the two countries’ target.

With more than 12 years of experience in investing in Vietnam, Nguyen Thanh Huong, President of the German House retail system in Vietnam, hoped that the government of Vietnam will create more favorable conditions for OVs to seek investment opportunities and partnerships to boost local economic development. Huong noted that as the Fourth Industrial Revolution is taking place and Vietnam should pay due attention to the factor “4.0 + 1”. It means more focus should be paid to local culture, “made in Vietnam” products, green economy development based on the country’s strength in agriculture, tourism, and trade.

Translated by Mai Huong