The annual trip for OV delegates is held by the State Committee for OV Affairs and the Vietnam People’s Navy.

Vietnamese Ambassador to Hungary Nguyen Thi Bich Thao (sixth, left) and OVs in Hungary at the meeting

Ambassador Thao said she hopes the trip will bring memorable experience to participants, enhancing their awareness of national sovereignty over seas and islands and deepening their bonds with the homeland, thus spreading patriotism and love for national seas and island among the Vietnamese community in Hungary.

Le Dinh Bau, and Luong Dinh Khoa, who are to join the Truong Sa trip, showed their gratitude to the Party and State for providing them with the opportunities to visit the homeland and their fellow countrymen in Truong Sa.

An overview of the meeting

At the meeting, OVs in Hungary and members of the Truong Sa Club donated 3,000 EUR (3,255 USD) to the “the whole nation for Truong Sa” program, which will be brought to Vietnam by Bau and Khoa during the trip.

The Truong Sa Club in Hungary was established in June 2023, gathering people who have joined trips to Truong Sa in different years, providing them with a venue to share their memories of Vietnamese sea and islands and experience from the trips.

Source: VNA