Vietnamese citizens in Myanmar. Photo: MOFA

Passengers on the flights included under-18 children, people with illnesses and those in other especially disadvantaged circumstances.

Amid the recent developments in Myanmar along with complicated COCID-19 situation, the embassy has kept a close watch on the situation and contact with citizens so as to give them specific guidance for arriving at the airport safely and on time. The embassy also sent officials to the airport to assist citizens in completing necessary procedures for boarding the flights.

In order to ensure health for the citizens and prevent the spread of the pandemic, strict security, safety and epidemiological measures were implemented throughout the flights.

Immediately after the flights landed in Da Nang airport, passengers and crews on the flights were given health check and sent to concentrated quarantine facilities in line with regulations.

The repatriation of citizens in disadvantaged circumstances abroad will be arranged in accordance with people’s wish, the pandemic’s development and domestic quarantine capacity.

Source: VNA