The supplies included food, necessities, equipment for search and rescue missions, five tons of dry provisions, 2,000 life jackets, five sets of high-powered pump, 20 sets of canvases, 50 portable chain-saws, and 40 water filters. All of these supplies were transported to local authorities and needy people in Quan Son district.

Troops of Depot K27 of the General Department of Techniques pack necessities to storm-hit victims 

According to Lieutenant General Ngo Quy Duc, Head of the SAR Department, in order to successfully conduct search and rescue missions, the unit will continue to advise the MND, the General Staff, and direct the Military Region 4 Command and local authorities to mobilize forces and vehicles in searching for missing people, as well as helping people mitigate the aftermath of the flood, and repair damaged roads.

As of August 5, floods caused by heavy rains of storm Wipha destroyed thousands of hectares of rice crops, submerged more than 200 houses, swept away cattle and poultry, inundated and disrupted traffic in many localities in Dak Lak province. Accordingly, the units under the provincial Military Command, the Border Guard Command, and other armed forces urgently conducted search and rescue missions, and promptly evacuated people from flood-hit areas.

Troops of Economic-Defense Unit 737 evacuate local people

Torrential rains from August 6 and 7 caused serious floods in the communes of la Rve, la Lop, Ea Sup district. Many villages in the communes have been isolated after the floods. Senior Colonel Nguyen The Thai, Head of Economic-Defense Unit 737 (Military Region 5), mobilized 56 troops, three motorboats and two trucks to evacuate people from flood-hit areas to safer places.

The armed forces of Ea Sup and Buon Don districts mobilized 229 troops to evacuate locals and their properties in dangerous areas to safe places. The Military Command of Dak Lak province also sent 36 troops to support people in border districts to take precautions against floods. The border guard forces also evacuated 72 households in the border areas by using boats to rescue four stranded people after the recent disaster. The provincial border guards were ready to support the border guard force of Cambodia to cope with floods.

A border guard rescues Do Ngoc Chuyen

Floods caused by torrential rains during storm Wipha submerged many places and hectares of crops in Chu Prong district (Gia Lai province). The provincial Border Guard Command successfully rescued three flood-hit victims. Earlier, three victims, including Nguyen Huu Hai, Do Ngoc Chuyen, and Thai Thanh Tam, were stranded by the floodwater due to the recent storm. After receiving the information, the la Lop Border Guard Station sent seven troops to the scene for a rescue mission. At 4:30pm on August 7, the team successfully rescued three people.

The six distressed fishermen on sinking trawler TH90273-TS were rescued by the Border Guard Command of Thanh Hoa province. Earlier, the troubled trawler had a huge leak and sank while fishing at sea. After receiving the mayday signal, the unit dispatched two boats and eight troops to the scene for the rescue mission. At 7pm on August 7, the team approached the trawler and took all fishermen ashore.

Translated by Lam Anh